Wednesday, September 13, 2017

A sad day.

“Vedi, la vita devi lasciarla scorrere… In armonia, non devi fare troppo rumore e fissarti sulle cose che non servono… Lasciala girare!!”.

RIP Maestro.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The day I saw Neurosis.

Neurosis is not just a band.
At least for me.
For me Neurosis represents something more important and something more personal that just a band.
It is something that goes over the music.
There is a connection between me and their music.
Yesterday night I went to see them playing live for my first time and it made me really happy.
I met 3/5 of them and it made me really happy.
I could talk about the show now, but it was exactly as it was supposed to be.
What is important is that now I have seen Neurosis live, and my life is better.

Rise shining blank
Scars burn way down
It parts ways of the 
Serpent view cast
Stones where to stop
Calling you they all
Lower me to the ground
Stick him they all
Lower me to the soil
Stick him
Star reign down
On you
You'll starve
Bright star in the
Dripping sun
Writhe on saints
Steal from your actions
Step in right on it's
Function stick him
Star reign down
On you
You all lower me
Christ's shine blinds
Your world
Your belief is scars
The will to power
Ascension manifest
That which is above
Is as that which is below
Thy will be done
Thy kingdom come
On earth as it is in heaven
So mote it be
Here some picture:

 Look at this: I'm smiling! It's rare!

P.S.: a well deserved note for the opening band, Dispossessed. Angry and extremely politicised with the clear intent of spread their message about aboriginal people. They deserve all our support. Unfortunately, it's pretty rare to find something about them on-line


Listen to "Locust star" by Neurosis.

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Top albums 2016

2016 is over (a pretty damn busy year for me).
A lot of of good albums. Here is my undisputed list (with no apparent order).

1) Neurosis "Fires within fires"
2) Hungry Like Rakovitz "Nevermind the light"
3) Ulcerate "Shrines of paralysis"
4) Whores "Gold"
5) Wormrot "Voices"
6) Cough "Still they pray"
7) Mike & The Melvins "Three men and a baby"
8) Venomous Concept "Kilck me silly"
9) Zeit "Monument"
10) Nick & The Bed Seeds "Skeleton key"
11) Ihsahn "Arktis"
12) Meshuggah "The violent sleep of reason"

Listen to all of them.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Friday, December 9, 2016

Baroness live report!

Finally! Finally I saw Baroness live!
I missed them twice back in Dallas and I have had to cross the ocean and the equator to see them live... But I finally did it.
The opening band was Grieg, from Brisbane. I didn't know them, and I'm happy that I had the opportunity: I really liked them and their show, so support the scene and buy the new album (here).
Then it was Baroness time. Technically perfect, with a good selection of songs from the Red, the Blue, the Yellow & Green, and the Purple album (maybe too many from the Purple album, which is not my favourite, or maybe I haven't well assimilated yet). Anyway, great show, full of energy and sweat (and one farting dude).

Here a couple of pictures from the show:

Note: because I'm old, no more head banging, but only groovy bop.
Note number two: am I the only one who recognised Nick Jost before the show?

Listen to the Yellow & Green album from Baroness.

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Deftones + Karnivool live report!

...just a couple of quick words for my first metal gig down under (2 days ago): Deftones + Karnivool + The voyager (who????).
The Voyager: boring to me, not my kind of music. I laid down on the grass sipping beers.
Karnivool: perfect. Like listen straight from the CD. Amazingly prepared (meh.). They played a new song: new album soon? Hopefully.
Deftones: not from this planet. Everything is on Chino' shoulder, and he knows that and he loves it. A lot of moshpit, a lot of fun, a lot of songs. Great!

Two comment about the Australian metalheads: 1) they watch and listen not through their phone and they enjoy the show. How about that americans? 2) They love weed. A lot.

The end.
Kill yourself now.

Listen to Deftones and/or Karnivool.

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

100 reasons of why being a metalhead is awesome and you suck.

  1. Because is the best music ever
  2. Because you don't have idea of what's going on in my head while I'm listening to Brutal Truth
  3. Because of Burzum and the smell of fire
  4. Because sometimes we don't have anything else left
  5. Because we learn thousand of names/bands/songs and we brag about it
  6. Because of the distortion
  7. Because the sound is like a solid wall of concrete
  8. Because of the continue search for bands, sounds, etc.
  9. Because sometimes it's the only thing we can hold on
  10. Because of the people
  11. Because of the live
  12. Because of Master of puppets, Reign in Blood, Aenima, etc
  13. Because of the moshpit
  14. Because life is shit and then you die, and it's ok and we have a soundtrack for that
  15. Because we ate proud
  16. Because of the hours spent to read the lyrics
  17. Because we are disgusting, and we love it
  18. Because fuck you, that's why
  19. Because of the t-shirt
  20. Because of the cold, the dark and the winter
  21. Because of DIY
  22. Because at some point we all ran away from home for a concert
  23. Because we are freaks
  24. Because we like punk as well
  25. Because of Manowar
  26. Because of Manowar' fans
  27. Because of the never ending search of music
  28. Because there is more culture, quality, knowledge and work in a Iron Maiden' chord that in the entire life of the fuckin' Rihanna
  29. Because sometime we just want to be nasty
  30. Because sometime we just want to be ugly
  31. Because sometime we just want to be evil
  32. Because of the Cannibal Corpse album cover/t-shirt
  33. Because of the anger
  34. Because Phil Anselmo is our uncle
  35. Because James Hatfield is our step-dad
  36. Because we pretend to know German, Norwegian, Finnish and dead languages
  37. Because there is melody in the noise
  38. Because we all still remember Cliff Burton, Dime and Chuck Schuldiner
  39. Because of the thrash, the beers and the weed
  40. Because ignorants call it "noise"
  41. Because of the chiodo
  42. Because we learn literature/science/things
  43. Because "I don't like Black Sabbath..." "Die motherfucker, die!"
  44. Because of the ballad
  45. Because of the tape-trading
  46. Because of the indecent and obscene volumes
  47. Because is a stress relief better than meditation
  48. Because for most of us it is our only and real English teacher
  49. Because we care a lot
  50. Because Metallica vs. Megadeth
  51. Because of the fanzines
  52. Because metal is just classical music on steroid
  53. Because of the compilation on tape
  54. Because is a state of mind
  55. Because we don't care
  56. Because play an instrument is cool
  57. Because antaa tulla tanne vaan, Suomi Finland perkele
  58. Because with Eyehategod, heroin sounds ok
  59. Because of the hours spent in the record stores
  60. Because fuck authorities, fuck the laws and fuck the rules
  61. Because we got lost in the album covers
  62. Because "What a fuck is this noise?!" yelled by our parents
  63. Because we still have hope in TooL and their new album
  64. Because speed is good and faster is even better
  65. Because of the drop B tuning
  66. (6) Because of the Beast
  67. Because of the discomfort
  68. Because we support the scene
  69. Because some metalheads are stubborn and dumb like a rock
  70. Because of the air-guitar
  71. Because sometimes we get lost in the songs
  72. Because we are unite
  73. Because we like also other types of music and we are open minded (sometimes)
  74. Because god hates us all
  75. Because there is no god, and we know it
  76. Because we have a lot of nice song for every occasion
  77. Because of the trve
  78. Because of the poser
  79. Because we like brutal things
  80. Because of the demos and the bootlegs
  81. Because it's so much more than just music
  82. Because the "I grew up and I don't listen to that shit anymore" people are ridiculous
  83. Because of the headbang
  84. Because is great, indipendently on your mood
  85. Because we can change and evolve, but we will never forget our roots
  86. Because we are mostly outcasts
  87. Becuase metal up your ass
  88. Because of the growl, the scream and everything in between
  89. Because we are good persons after all
  90. Because of the passion
  91. Because sometimes is not even music, but just noise, but is cool anyway
  92. Because of the loyalty to some bands
  93. Because some songs stick forever and some of them leave a scar
  94. Because they blame us almost all the time
  95. Because of the black clothes in summer
  96. Because we are fun and we have fun
  97. Because of the hair
  98. Because we are not pretty and beautiful and nice and cool and smart as you are
  99. Because of Odin and all the legends from the North
  100. Because, finally, we don't give a fuck of what you think

Listen to "Decade of aggression", by Slayer. The best live album ever created since the discovery of music.